About Us

In the 2nd grade Tate and Patrick started dreaming of creating big things together. The boys grew up across the fence line from one another, on a gravel road named Raven Road. They lived in a rural area simply referred to as the Raven community, which was 20 miles south of a small town in north central Nebraska called Ainsworth. Way before their time, established in 1906, Raven had a general store and post office. In 1949 Tate’s family purchased their ranch, naming it Raven Cattle Company, which is still in operation today by Tate and his family.

Tate and Patrick attended Raven Country School, consisting of 20 total kids in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. It was here that the school annual Christmas play was held, where ranchers would gather for discussions on land, cattle and lifelong friendships were formed.

As the two best friends went through school, they were always bonded by a tie no one else shared. After high school graduation, life chose different paths for them. They maintained constant contact through this period of time, sharing their life experiences with one another. This included towns they had lived in, states and continents they had traveled and the people they met along the way.

For years the two discussed how they could both utilize their talents to finally be able to work together. In 2017 they re-visited the dreams of their youth and got serious. In January 2018, they went to the drawing board and officially started Raven Brand Inc.

What does Raven Brand stand for?

The goal of Raven Brand is to bring the consumer an alternative clothing line that encompasses the hard working, goal driven people in this world. Everyone has heard the saying “Work hard, Play hard!”, that is who Raven Brand is. We are country, we are beach bums, we are the cowboy and cowgirl surfer, we are hunters and fishermen, we are travelers, we are musicians, we are athletes and we are the people that get the job done day in and day out. We are you.

Raven Brand’s mission is to provide quality of service, quality of clothing and a quality of life. Whether out fixing fence on the ranch in Nebraska, surfing on the beach in California, working the oil fields of Texas or going out on the town in New York City, we want you to be comfortable, classy, fun and bold.

Join us in our journey of life experiences, as we join you on yours.